Wildwood Ranch

All of our dogs are happy and well cared for, and each of them has a special place in our family.

About Us

Hello there! Thank you for considering one of our beautiful puppies! We here at Wildwood Ranch, welcome you, and look forward to helping you find the perfect pet.

We live on a small, 5 acre farm with plenty of lush green fields and beautiful wooded areas for our dogs and puppies to romp and play. 

We make it a top priority that our dogs and puppies get plenty of exercise and are well socialized. 

We focus on raising high quality pets with outstanding temperament, good conformation, and most of all good health. 

The puppy breeds that are available as part of our Wildwood Ranch Puppies are Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas. 

Our family is located on the outskirts of Statesville North Carolina. Christina, my daughter; Owen, my husband; and I (Elsie) all take part in raising the perfect happy puppy for you on our family-owned farm. Christina and I, Elise, work together in grooming, feeding, bathing, and playing with our dogs and puppies during the day while Owen is at work. 

It's a passion!

We love animals! It is our passion to provide you with a beautiful, happy, and healthy puppy of your choice. What makes you happy makes us happy. We feel privileged to have this opprotunity to help you find the perfect puppy. 

In 2016, my husband, Owen, saw that we could do well at this and that is what got us started. We have been enjoying it ever since. 

Elise Nisley